The BOEMRE dataset solution was created out of a need to deliver and analyze GOM data to key decision makers in the oilfield.  The problem of analyzing BOEMRE data involves 1) retrieving the data into a usable format, and 2) creating an interface to analyze the data in a flexible environment that facilitates decision making.  Both of these challenges were easily overcome using Wrangler and Canopy.

Canopy can be configured to retrieve the BOEMRE data sets on a scheduled basis and placed in a relational database for retrieval.  Using Wrangler, end users can quickly and easily peruse the data in a powerful grid-based interface.

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  • Flexibility of data access: Downloading of the BOEMRE datasets can be scheduled according to your company’s needs.
  • Powerful Data Viewer: Using Wrangler, the data can be viewed in any format needed.
  • Aggregation of Data: End users have the flexibility to aggregate the data sets in an ad-hoc fashion.
  • Graphing: BOEMRE data sets can be graphed and charted.
  • Integration with other systems: The BOEMRE data sets can be used to integrate with existing Asset Management systems.

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