Using the vast domain knowledge acquired by the Wrangler professional staff, we have developed a Vertical Application Assessment Framework, which guides us through the evaluation of your company’s vertical applications to determine the optimum approach for information delivery. As an example, we have performed the assessment on the Canrig AFE Management System, which involves a two step approach, as follows:

User Interface Analysis – analyzing any user interface focuses on the information that can be made available to decision makers without the need to use the vertical applications, thereby reducing the costs needed to leverage the information from the verticals. The Canrig AFE Management System contains two user interfaces – an administration interface and a general user interface .

Report Analysis – perhaps the most valuable component of the Vertical Application Assessment Framework is the analysis of the custom reports available, as these represent the medium through which data is typically delivered to the decision makers. In almost every case, the information delivered through the static reports can be delivered through the dynamic mechanism of the Wrangler Information Delivery Framework. An example of such analysis is the AFE Drilldown Variance report offered with the Canrig AFE Management System. As you can see from the example, the report is deconstructed to make the information available through the Wrangler Information Delivery Framework, thereby exponentially increasing the value of the information.

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