As V3 offers tools to create unique Information Management solutions, we place a large premium on the ability to implement these solutions.  Our main focus is always on adding value to the end user.  As such, we customize all of our implementations to your company’s environment.  The three main areas of emphasis in implementing V3’s software suite are:

Project Management – V3 follows a very structured approach to project management vis-à-vis the implementation of V3 technology.  All of the V3 information management solutions are meant to not only provide value over the long haul, but to provide value very quickly.  As such, the project management focus is on “value delivery”, while providing the path for continued growth.

Specifications/Use Cases – Due to the nature of the solutions we deliver, each information management solution is unique, requiring its own set of specifications, use case, etc.  During a typical implementation, every step of the process is well documented to ensure that the solution provides the necessary value to your company.

Custom Development – In some cases, we are required to integrate into legacy systems, which oftentimes do not conform to the current programming standards.  At V3, we are well equipped to provide the necessary software development skills to provide maximum value from our solutions.

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