Olympus was created through a cooperative alliance with the oil industry to address the asset management needs necessary to track insurance and claims processing following the twin hurricanes, Katrina and Rita.  From there, Olympus matured into a full-featured Asset Management System designed to address the entire scope of asset management needs within your company.  Olympus also integrates tightly with Wrangler to create an information delivery system based on an asset approach.

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  • Flexibility:  Asset types can be configured to model the unique needs within your company.
  • Corporate Data Base:  Olympus is a database application that is available to everyone within your organization.
  • Integration:  Olympus can be configured to integrate with your existing systems, offering a powerful asset-based approach to information delivery.
  • Intuitive Interface:  The Olympus interface is very intuitive, showing you the relationships between all the assets.


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