While working with one of our clients, we were asked to provide domain knowledge for the EMK3 Upstream implementation.  EMK3 Upstream (www.emk3.com) focuses on streamlining the marketing function within an oil company, and as such, it is critical that EMK3 receive the highest quality data to accomplish this.  In order to attack the implementation, we used our 2 flagship Information Management products, Wrangler and Canopy.  Wrangler was used in the initial upload phase of the implementation, providing the QC team the ability to validate data prior to uploading into the EMK3 system.  The use of Wrangler accelerated the upload by minimizing the amount of time it took to mine the necessary data, QC the data, and subsequently upload into EMK3.

Following the initial upload of the EMK3 database, Canopy was used to provide EMK3 with the daily data needed from the existing systems in the company, e.g. production, accounting, etc.  Canopy was configured to automatically upload the ownership data from accounting as well as the production data on a scheduled basis.

Canopy Wrangler EMK3


  • Cost Savings – using the Wrangler system to upload the data into EMK3 reduced the typical implementation time by 50%, creating a cost savings for the customer.
  • Increased Quality Control – giving the QC team instant access to the data during the initial loading process guaranteed the highest quality possible.
  • Management by Exception – following the initial loading, Wrangler was used as an alerting mechanism, giving EMK3 users visibility into the other departments.
  • Up to date information – using Canopy to deliver daily uploads to EMK3 ensures that the marketing group is working with the most up to date information possible.

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