Built on the success of our OBO/JV drilling/completion data upload process, we have embarked on creating an industry solution for the automated delivery of marketing information to and from the EMK3 suite of products.

The proposed solution calls for a 2-pronged approach to automating the manually intensive process of managing real-time marketing data in and out of EMK3.  On the upload side, we are working on a Plant/Pipeline solution that will monitor email and or folders for plan and pipeline statement, scrape the necessary data into a Plant/Pipeline XML schema, and ultimately upload the data into the EMK3 application.

We are also considering the integration of EMK3 with the Pipeline Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) currently in use.  The initial design calls for automated polling of the pipeline BBS, retrieving information for delivery to the EMK3 system, as well as delivery of information from EMK3 back to the BBS based on business rules set up by the EMK3 users.

Contact V3 or EMK3 for further details.

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