The delivery of information from vertical applications was the impetus for the creation of the Wrangler and Canopy applications. Many of our oilfield clients were bogged down in the delivery of day-to-day information from their core vertical applications, e.g. AFE, drilling, production, etc. We developed a 3-pronged approach to solving this problem, as follows:

Think outside the box, or in this case, outside of the domain – by focusing on the datasets, we created an application-agnostic approach to data delivery.

Focus on key elements – analysis of each vertical space allows us to determine the key (necessary) relationships that exist within the data.

Break down silos – examination of the key elements of the domain allow us to “federate” the information across the silos.

[tab name=”Features”]

  • Proven Methodology: A detailed approach to assessing the vertical application data results in more powerful information delivery system.
  • User Interaction: The assessment methodology requires that the vertical application users become more familiar with their datasets, providing indirect benefits.

[tab name=”Sample Specs”]

AFE Utilities GUI Analysis

AFE Routing (AFE List) Report Analysis

AFE History Report Analysis

AFE Client GUI Analysis

AFE Application Profile

AFE Administration GUI Analysis


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