Sharing of information between JV partners has been a challenge in the oilfield for many years, due mainly to technical and business hurdles. Until recently, this has not been a major issue, as the number of JV relationships was not to the extent that the problem became unmanageable. However, with the proliferation of unconventional shale plays, the number of JV partnerships has drastically increased. Along with the growth of partnerships, the demand on the data needed from JV partners has exponentially increased. This demand fueled our unique solution to the problem of uploading OBO/JV drilling and completion reports into drilling databases.

In order to achieve the optimum solution, we were faced with the challenge of working with the current constraints in place, with the main obstacle being the PDF format that dominates the industry when it comes to delivering information between oilfield partners. This problem was solved through our partnership with AddToIt, a company that specializes in the scraping/extraction of information from PDF files.
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  • Flexibility – The PDF Scraping technology from AddToIt is a mature, feature-rich technology, allowing us to easily scrape drilling/completion documents.
  • Reliability – Extensive regression testing is performed on the PDF sample set, allowing us to reach 100% reliability in the scraping process.
  • WITSML – Each domain process is established using the latest standards in the oilfield. In this case, we write to a WITSML-type XML schema.
  • Automation – The entire process of scraping the drilling/completion reports and subsequent uploading to your drilling system can be 100% automated, complete with email polling for unattended operation.
  • Auditing – Every step of the OBO/JV drilling/completion upload process is audited using the Canopy data model, allowing us to deliver vital information through a dashboard interface using our Wrangler application.
  • Business Rules – using our existing Information Management tools, we are able to incorporate all your business rules into the process.
  • Validation – Using a proprietary mapping technology, we are able to incorporate all your company’s validation rules prior to uploading into your databases.

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Dashboard Details


Drilling Database

Canopy System Manager

PDF Markup


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OBO_JV Automated Drilling_Completion Data Upload

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